Help IS Available

If you're being sexually exploited, chances are that whoever is exploiting you has said you can't trust anybody but them. You may have been told that you can't trust law enforcement, doctors or nurses. You can't trust the people in your life that have always sought your best. But the truth is that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement and healthcare workers want to help you get to safety. The people in your life who don't exploit you are actually the only ones you can trust. You may have been threatened that they will harm you or someone you care about.  


  • Call 911 and find a safe place to wait for help to arrive.
  • Have a chance to escape? Take it. Run into a store/house.  Ask someone to call for help and stay there until help arrives.
  • If you're injured, go to a hospital emergency room. Report what happened. Most hospitals have procedures they follow when caring for victims of abuse. Ask them to take photos of your injuries and document how it happened in writing. Ask them to keep you safe until help arrives.
  • Keep evidence of abuse (clothing, text messages, photos of injuries)
  • Don't be afraid to talk to a police officer or ANY adult you see. Clinging to an adult could make your trafficker leave you alone.
  • Ask for help today.
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