Rescue and Restore Fact Sheet


  •  Rescue and Restore’s mission is to assist victims of sex trafficking and get them off the streets by providing immediate short-term care and  transportation to a program that suits their particular situation
  • R&R is also comitted to providing Awareness meetings in our community
  • Our 'Empowered' school Prevention and Awareness Program is to be rolled out in late 2018
  •  We are a faith-based, non-profit organization



  •  Local law enforcement often call upon Rescue and Restore if they discover a victim of sex-trafficking
  •  Donna Fraser and her team discuss with the victims the importance of going into a program where she will be able to receive the long-term help and care she needs
  • The programs Rescue and Restore is partnered with do their best to help a victim find her way back emotionally, physically, educationally, and spiritually
  • Rescue and Restore provides Awareness meetings to the public by bringing local Law Enforcement together (such as the FBI, DHS, Sheriff and Police Departments) as well as local organizations to inform the community of what is happening in their town and how they are helping victims in their communities. 
  • Rescue and Restore will provide a Prevention Program in 2018 that will assist our schools, churches, parents and children in identifying what Sex Trafficking is and how they can keep their communities safe.



  •  Rescue and Restore was established in November 2013
  •  The organization was originally named The PREP Home
  • The PREP Home functioned as a rescue team for the girls on the streets as well as a home. The home provided educational opportunities giving each girl the opportunity to obtain her High School Diploma and/or enroll and attend college. Each girl at the home also received counseling, went to church, enjoyed extra curriculur activities and received all her basic needs. 
  •  Was renamed Rescue and Restore in December 2016
  •  Rescue and Restore’s focus is to rescue the girls, provide them immediate short-term care, and then transport them to a program in the area that offers long-term care. Additionally, it is to bring Awareness and Prevention programs to our schools and communities.
  •  Founder Donna Fraser spent almost 20 years in Phoenix, AZ before returning to Texas
  • During her time there she worked in coordination with the Phoenix Vice Unit and FBI working first-hand with both minor and adult victims of sex trafficking.  Was one of the initial founding board members of a 48-bed facility called StreetlightUSA
  • Has been in the industry of Domestic Violence/Abuse and trafficking for over 20 years. She continues to work with Law Enforcement and all organizations that are reaching out to help survivors.
  • She works with her Assistant Director, Karen Altom, to develop the school curriculum called "Empowered" which will be rolling out in schools in late 2018

Contact Info:

Rescue and Restore
1910 E SE Loop 323


Tyler, TX 75701


For Immediate Release For more information, contact
Donna Fraser
Executive Director/Founder



Rescue and Restore

1910 E SE Loop 323 
Tyler, TX 75701


Non profit 501c3 organization

Tax ID: 46-4546367

Donna Fraser

Executive Director/Founder 



Assistant Director:

Karen Altom