How Online Predators are Using the Current Pandemic to Prey on Children

Did you know that the area of the brain responsible for "good decision making" isn't fully developed until we're in our mid to late twenties? That explains a lot, doesn't it?! Adults can easily forget what it was like as a teenager. The pressures. The expectations. The drama. 


As an adult looking back, you can probably remember decisions you made as a teen that weren't the safest or most healthy or even logical. Our desire is to help you help your kids and help your kids to trust you.


The Set Up, our presentation for 7th and 8th graders, magnifies the importance of trusting and respecting parent's rules within the context of a healthy parent/child relationship. Through interactive skits, discussion questions and testimonies, we strengthen the healthy relationships in their lives while giving them tools to recognize and release unhealthy ones. 


Learn the signsIf you're concerned your child is being trafficked, call us at (903) 714-7660 and we'll partner with you to get the resources you need.  


If you or someone you know is being trafficked or abused in any way, please reach out to an Emergency organization immediately. 

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