Do These Warning Signs Describe Your Child?

  • Missing school
  • Grades are dropping
  • Has an older "boyfriend/girlfriend"
  • Dressing inappropriately or "older" for their age
  • Bruises, burns, depressed, fearful or anxious
  • Branding/tattoos
  • Sleep deprived
  • Has more than one cell phone
  • Has expensive gifts that you didn't buy and they can't afford 

Do These Additional Warning Signs Describe Anyone You Know?

  • Overly submissive to their "boyfriend/girlfriend"
  • Not able to speak on their own behalf
  • Accompanied by a controlling person
  • Distrust of Law Enforcement
  • Signs of malnurishment
  • Runaway or seems out of place
  • Claims "just visiting"
  • Moves or travels frequently
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