Volunteers Needed

Volunteer to be a presenter for 'The Set Up'


Volunteers for our upcoming Prevention and Awareness Presentation called 'The Set Up', will be needed in 2019. We will initially be going into middle schools with our education program.


More information about the presentation and the requirements to become a Certified Presenter in your district, will be announced. All volunteer positions are part time and can revolve around your schedule. Training will be provided and mandatory.


Please submit your name to Donna if you would like to begin getting our email updates on the development of our program and attend our intial introductory meeting which will likely take place around fall, 2019.


We will show a portion of our new curriculum at that time and explain fully what it means to volunteer to be a presenter in your community.


We welcome all those that are interested in fighting this fight with us. We need you. 


 Please know that there is no obligation to being on the list. You are free to give us your name, read our emails, follow our progress and  take all the time you need to consider whether this is something you would like to do or not.


Donna Fraser

Cell: 903-714-7660



Who can be a presenter?

A parent

A University Student, preferably age 21 or older

Anyone who has a passion to speak on this subject ---

especially if you have background in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Dept of Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Drug Rehab,  Trauma, Youth At Risk, Advocacy, Law Enforcement, Foster Parents, Youth Groups



We would like to form teams of 2 women and 1 man. The women will Instruct Sessisons 1 and 2 and the male instructor will assist in instructing Session 3 on Pornography.  Each team will have basic organizational/administrative duties.


 If you are not comfortable speaking, please apply anyway. You may be just the team organizer that another person is looking for. 




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Donna Fraser

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