What We Do


At Rescue and Restore....



We endeavor to Rescue our youth BEFORE they are taken...


by teaching our prevention and awareness curriculum called  'The Set Up' in our schools.

Please note that our curriculum is in the development stage. Start date  in schools will be 2019


Our classes and materials help open the eyes of our youth to the reality and dangers of sex trafficking with special emphasis on pornography and the buyer, self worth,  identifying a trafficker, decision making, consequences, vulnerability and manipulation, domestic family sexual abuse and more.


It is our prayer that the youth who participate in our course will be much better prepared to identify the signs of danger and stay safe in ANY situation... including  bullying, social media, suicide and behaviors that could lead to school shootings.


We answer the call


We will answer the call from any law enforcment officer or agency representing a victim who is reaching out for help; go to wherever she is to pick her up, provide immediate transportation-short term housing-clothing-food, identify and make arrangements for the best long term home for her particular needs and transport her there. If drug rehab is needed, we will work to arrange that for the survivor. We will follow up to help in any way that we can with her continued support.


We work in partnership with other organizations.

Their success is our success. 


We speak in our Community...

to educate and bring awareness to the issue of Sexual Exploitation



As mentioned above, 'The Set Up' presentation is in development and will be rolled out in 2019. 


Please read 'Volunteers Needed' if you are interested in becoming a part of this program in your community. Thank you.



Rescue and Restore

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Non profit 501c3 organization

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Donna Fraser

Executive Director/Founder