What We Do

At Rescue and Restore... 



We respond to the call...whether it is Law Enforcment who has a victim at a hotel or an agency that has a survivor that needs our help.


Provide immediate needs...when a survivor comes to us, we give her food, clothing and immediate safe shelter  


Assess her situation and transport her to safe housing... different programs offer different care. We will discuss together her options and determine the place that best suits her particular needs. We will then transport her to a warm and welcoming long term care home. We partner with many incredible programs for her to choose from. We continue to support her however we can as she lives in her new home. 


When Drug Rehab is needed...in some cases, a young lady needs to spend a few months in drug rehab before she will be accepted in a long term care home. We will make arranagements for her to go to rehab and drive her there, attend her graduation when she has completed the program then take her to the home of her choice for continued care.


Assist young women from multiple cities... It does not matter where we get the call from, we will do our best to assist any victim who is looking for help. We have been known to rescue girls from other states, not just Texas. Once they are safe  in a home, we know they are being given help spiritually, emotioally, physically. 


We follow up on her care...many of our girls we have been working with for more than ten years. We deeply care about the ones we are blessed to meet and we do all we can to help them make it to 'the other side.'


 We will always share the love of Jesus Christ with our girls that we rescue. Many have come to know the Lord through our ministry.


 We speak in our community to bring awareness and educate the public on the dangers of Sexual Exploitation


We work with other organizations in partnership, assisting them in any way we can with our support. Their success is our success.




Rescue and Restore

1910 E SE Loop 323 
Tyler, TX 75701


Non profit 501c3 organization

Tax ID: 46-4546367

Donna Fraser

Executive Director/Founder