Who We Are


Our job at Rescue and Restore is to be there for any victim who is reaching out for help and get her to higher ground so she can begin again.


Working with young adult victims of sexual exploitation is very different than working with young minors. Once a minor turns 18, she is looked at very differently....and she has few options to help her get back on her feet. When a girl is taken into slavery/ trafficking her education stops and in many ways, her emotional growth also stops.


When she is rescued she is given the freedom to return to a life that you and I consider 'normal' but she has little help with the emotional transition she must go through to step back into such a world. She also has little hope of getting a good job and being able to support herself due to her lack of education, housing and transportation.


Without the ability to provide for herself, her future is not likely to change from the poor conditions she has just come out of. Most girls have no family that will help them, house them or support them while they try to 'get their life back.' The majority find that they must return to the streets or go from boyfriend to boyfriend or do things that they never wanted to do again, all for survival.  


This is why we feel it is so important to answer the call and get them off the street, out of the hotel, or wherever they may be and take them to a housing program that best suits their particular need. Once there, they have the opportunity to step back and look at their life. They can then make decisions about where they want to go and develop a plan to get there. With God's help, and a strong support team around them, they can be restored and given a new life. 







Rescue and Restore

1910 E SE Loop 323 
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Non profit 501c3 organization

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Donna Fraser

Executive Director/Founder